Cut flowers

Prolonging the life Cut Flowers

We have developed special suspension, which serves as protection of plants and cut flowers extend the life of the order up to 20 days.

Our product Flower Nanoprotection slurry containing a mixture of minerals. Those formed on the surface of the stem of cut flowers, the protective coating having an extremely small porosity. At the same time in the water, in which the flower stems immersed prevents the growth of microorganisms. This leads to extending the life of cut flowers in the order of 5 to 20 days (depending upon the health status and the flowers on the species involved). Flower stalks is not necessary to whittle down a water exchange. Water does not rot and smell.


Functional suspension FN®P

Suspensions titled FN®P (Flower Nanoprotection) – contains the mixture of mineral substances incl. calcium. The product is suitable for roses, gerberas and tulips and other flowers calcium tolerant.


Functional suspension FN®P Calcit Free

A second suspension of the product is called FN®P Calcit Free – contains a mixture of minerals – without calcium. The product is suitable for orchid flowers and other plants that do not tolerate calcium.

The stems of the flower need not be trimmed and the water replaced. Water does not rot and smell.


For cut flowers in the vase is added 5-7 ml. suspension per 1 l. of water. Before placing flowers in the vase should be FN® water mix thoroughly (preferably stirred actively with a handheld processor).
Main function

Main functions

  • Flower life extended up to 20 days

  • No stem cutting necessary

  • Water doesnt get that rotting smell

Prolong flower life up to 20 days!