FN®AQUA works at any temperature. The warmer the pool water is, the more susceptible it is to the spread of microorganisms and bacteria in the water, and the application interval can be shortened for up to 7 days. It is necessary to watch it visually and if the water quality does not seem good to apply immediately.

In the case of a lot of green water, try shock cleaning – (to already green pools) 1 liter per 10-20 m3 of pool water or repeat the whole process. But this method is not very economically advantageous, we recommend using a chemical preparation or if the chemistry does not work, to completely empty the water and scrub the pool beforre adding new water.

Our product is not harmful to humans, animals or other animals. The EAA also tested aquarium fish where the aquarium volume was 2 l and our preparation contained 1 l of FN Aqua and even such a concentration was not a problem for animals.

Yes it is possible to bathe immediately if the pool is milky, it is not detrimental or otherwise harmful.

It depends on the performance of your filtration. The more efficient the filtration, the sooner the active inert minerals disappear.