Air purification technology

Nano coating technology for clean air

Clean air from odors, hazardous substances and allergens that burden the immune system. 

The extraordinary photocatalytic efficiency and the special surface morphology of the FN NANO® coating  allows it to be  used as an air purifier for the efficient removal of a wide range of harmful substances that can be dispersed in the air of building interiors. Not only do they inhabit the polluted outside environment, but they can also be entrenched within indoor furnishings (furniture, carpets, plastics) or used cleaning and disinfecting agents, or animals or technologies placed there. An important source of air pollution is also the colonies of mold and bacteria deposited in the ventilation system.

Today, FN NANO®  has been the only photocatalytic product on the market whose efficiency is such that 30-50% of degradable pollutants are degraded on average by a single contact of the air mass with the photocatalytic surface of the coating (the test is proven by independent analytical workplaces in the Czech Republic and abroad) ). This parameter is crucial for the air purification function and ensures efficient indoor air purification.

The natural air flow in the room carries molecules and microscopic particles of harmful or odorous substances. These, when contacted with the surface formed by the FN NANO® coating, are effectively captured by its highly porous structure, in which the super-photocatalytic effect is broken down into harmless minerals (usually water and carbon dioxide molecules). The effectiveness of the cleaning effect is directly proportional to the amount of light energy incident on the surface.

Note 1:  In addition to the use of FN NANO®  technology, ventilation is required to ensure healthy indoor air to prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide. In dusty rooms, we recommend, in addition to regular cleaning, to use cheap and reliable electrostatic dust collecting filters. The use of FN NANO® coating technology ,  in combination with the above measures , is an economical but very efficient alternative to costly and noisy air purification systems that use complex filtration systems.

Note 2:  Competitive paints of both domestic and foreign manufacturers (1st generation) currently have an efficiency of 1-8% pollutant degradation in a single air mass contact with their surface. Therefore, their actual effect on air purification is negligible.

Prevent infections
Easy application
More than 250 tints
Can be activated with energy saving light
5 year functional guarantee