Cooling of cities


Uncomfortably high temperatures are occurring more and more often. We are experiencing the problem of overheated cities.

This problem can be solved using modern technologies. These can be used in places where it is not possible to plant new greenery. Facades and roofs of houses treated with FN NANO® functional coatings can cool the protected surfaces by up to 30%. This is possible due to high solar reflectivity. In this way, the coatings effectively reduce heat islands in cities.

FN NANO® coatings have received a certificate from Cool Roof Rating Council, which is part of U.S. Green Building Council . It promotes sustainability in the design, construction and operation of buildings.

This technology combines ecological and economic effects. In summer, it not only cools cities, but also creates a long-term clean and presentable facade without the need for additional maintenance costs, such as washing a dirty facade from algae and mold. At the same time, our coatings can eliminate emissions from the air.

So let’s help our cities in the fight against global warming. We will create long-term beautiful and clean cities in which we will all live better.

Every street can become more pleasant