Our focus

Our main goal is a long-term application of nanotechnology products using photocatalytic effect in everyday life.

FN-NANO Technology

Our main products are functional coatings, FN®, which provide exceptionally strong photocatalytic activity. With this technology, surfaces have the ability “self-clean, i.e., to prevent the formation of microorganisms as well as the ability to cleanse the air from harmful substances.

In addition, another product in the form of a special slurry, has the ability to significantly reduce the consumption of chemicals in the maintenance of the swimming pool water.

For cat lovers, we have developed an odor free cat-toilet box cleansing system “PhotCat”.

Our vision

The widespread application of our FN® nanotechnology to create a globally healthy and clean environment:

  • Improving the quality of indoor air of residential buildings, hotels, schools, offices, medical facilities, retirement homes, restaurants, industriral sites
  • Improve air quality in large cities and industrial areas where pollution limits are exceeded
  • Preventing the transfer of dangerous infections for patients receiving care
  • Improving general cleanliness of urban environments, in cities and municipalities, to better protect buildings against microbiological attack
  • Effective water purification from large and small concentrations of hazardous organic substances (herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.).
With our technology we want to contribute to achieving the vision of smart cities for the 21st century.

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