Patents and Trademarks

We hold a number of patents worldwide

FN ® functional coatings  are special coatings. They serve to create functional surfaces (FN ® surfaces) that exhibit extremely strong self-cleaning ability, resistance to microorganism deposition and ability to clean air and water from unwanted substances. Their self-cleaning, protection against micro-organism deposition, and air and water purification are based on the use of physical phenomena – photocatalysis. FN ® coatings are among the world’s highest quality, if not the top, in terms of the effectiveness of these functions. Their manufacturing process and method of application are patented in all industrialized nations.

NOTICE: NOTICE: FN-NANO s.r.o. for commercial reasons, has re-branded the registered FN® brand. It has simplified the trade name by the deletion of the word “Protectam”, and now uses only FN ® 1, FN ® 2 and FN ® 3 for its products. For better orientation the customer can also specify the name – such as Transparent, Wood, BioMax, Aqua, etc. All documents indicate the basic product name FUNCTIONAL COATING as FN® (from ‘FUNKČNÍ NÁTĚR’ in the Czech language) & even the trade name Protectam, which is no longer used and will be gradually replaced by the above simplified name.

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