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The annual press conference aroused the interest of journalists

Annual press conference of our parent company Advanced Materials-JTJ, s.r.o. took place in the beautiful premises of the Le Palais Art Hotel Prague and its themes attracted many journalists interested in innovation and modern technology. The theme of the conference was: FN-NANO® technology for a healthy environment and against climate change Clean Buildings, Healthier Air and Safer Climate in Cities Contact points: We have demonstrated the universal use of FN NANO® technology as a measure for urban cooling (to combat the Urban Heat Island [...]


National Winner Advanced Materials in the European Business Awards, Video Entry

Advanced Materials-JTJ and FN NANO would like to say Thank You to the people at European Business Awards for giving us this attention and Award.   Please see our video and consider voting for us to be EU Champion! Vote here: (EBA Awards Videos)   PLEASE vote on this page OPEN LINK You need to open the EBA page CLICK HERE Thank you for your help. We think it is the right time for a Czech company to win the European wide EBA awards!


Advanced Materials presented at the Biennial Pigment & Colour Science Forum held in Berlin

At the conference CEO Dr Jan Prochazka presented the FN NANO technology to industry leaders of the paint and coatings industry, and the producers/users of titanium dioxide. This year’s industry get-together was held in Berlin at Hotel Berlin. This biennial event, is the largest gathering concerning upstream and downstream users of Titanium Dioxide and the most important forum to learn about new trends, technologies and colors for the paint and coatings industry. The subject of Dr Prochazka’s presentation was the technology [...]


Airports are Ideal Locations for FN NANO!

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas Results of coating the inside ceiling of an area in the North Las Vegas Airport. This is important mostly because it paves the way for other airports to have the air cleaned of bacteria and odors, as well as many other unhealthy particles in the air. Stay tuned for furhter airports across the USA getting this energy saving, climate remediating application of FN NANO® that uses sunlight UV and safe titanium dioxide, to clean the air.   Macoma Environmental Technologies [...]



Yes, you read correctly history and modern technology can work together beautifully and effectively. The charming baroque church of St. Martin in Zbečno in the Rakovník district has a rich history for the Czech nation. The first written mention of the settlement Zbečno dates back to 1003. In the Chronicle of Kosmas the village is mentioned in the legend of Prince Kroko. In 1100, Prince Břetislav II went from Zbečno after a mass to hunt and was assassinated on his return. [...]



The invention of the Czech scientist Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. scores again for “Big Puddle”! On a happy journey people light not only the light of the lighthouse, but the whole lighthouse shines with white-and-white purity into the distance. Another big win for FFN NANO® and Jan Proachazka as the FN NANO self-cleanign coating was applied to the Lighthouse at Port Credit in Mississauga, a truly historic lighthouse. The Coating ensures long-term protection of the surface from dirt and [...]


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