Architects, by their nature, have a feeling and a relationship to make the design work in terms of layout, materials and appearance. They have an education in the field of architecture and try to incorporate the use of current modern trends and technologies into their projects.

It also deals with the setting of the building in the landscape or urban space, the secondary meaning of the building, ecology, the lifestyle of the owner and other necessary aspects related to the creation of residential or public spaces. Currently, the greatest emphasis is placed on ecology and so-called “healthy buildings”.

Buildings for Smart Cities can be created with the help of FN NANO® technology.

The results of the three-year MPO TRIO FV 40209 grant project confirmed that we have a unique ecological technology in our hands that can restore a long-term beautiful and clean appearance to cities. The measurement results show that photocatalytic technology can normally remove 40% of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and ozone from the air in contact with photocatalytic facades.

Photocatalytic coatings protect building surfaces from UV degradation, cool their surface and at the same time constantly clean the air of toxic emissions.

Added value for buildings

  • Improving the quality of the environment and protecting human health.
  • Improving the quality of the indoor environment in buildings – prevention of the transmission of diseases.
  • Professional determination of the environmental effect for specific buildings and locations.
  • Effective, long-term and inexpensive air purification in urban areas.
  • Elimination of toxic substances from the air and transformation of poisonous ground-level ozone into necessary oxygen.
  • Coatings reflect solar radiation with an efficiency of up to 80% and thus reduce surface heating by 20 to 30%.
  • In conditions of global warming, they thus help to cool cities in the summer.
  • The photocatalytic effect is permanent, inexhaustible and does not weaken with time.
  • All protective functions are preserved throughout the existence of the coating layer.

We can easily transform building surfaces into air purifiers.

 The project confirmed that the FN NANO® coating photocatalytic technology is currently the most modern technology for smart cities WITHOUT EMISSIONS!

Architects now have a unique tool in their hands to gradually transform cities into cooler and cleaner places that will be more pleasant for our lives. After all, there is only one air and there is all of us.

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