Disinfectants accost us every step of the way.

However, we can ensure uninterrupted school lessons even without poisons in the air.

It used to be that only teachers was harming our brains, especially with homework. 

Currently, most children are looking forward to school. Perhaps not as much as their parents!

In schools, however, children face danger in the form of unprecedented overuse of disinfectants. By efforts to protect ourselves from viruses, we are gradually poisoned by the fumes of disinfectants, and the consequences of this poisoning can be more toxic to our children in a few years.

Can you even imagine how high concentrations of toxic substances are achieved in the school classroom, where there are 20 children who had to treat their hands with disinfectants before class?

Let’s think about why warning signs about its toxicity and danger are displayed on each disinfectant . When using them, protective equipment such as gloves and covering the mouth and eyes are recommended. And what is happening around us? Disinfection literally “splashes” everywhere and on everything. Vapors that evaporate from disinfectants and cleaners are often very toxic and remain in the air for a very long time.

This is about the health of our children, who usually asked the question “How was it”? will only answer: “Okay,” but you can guess that something is wrong. 

We wanted to know what environment they really were in, so we made measurements in the room with a special air measurement device that shows us the amount of toxic volatile substances (VOCs) that are released into the air from disinfectants.

The measurement result was absolutely shocking! Children disinfect their hands and the disinfection fumes literally poison the environment within a minute. Molecules of toxic substances remain in the air for the entire lesson.

The video shows the concentration of a toxic cocktail of toxic substances that occurred in the air and surrounded the children. This test lasted 52 minutes and even after this time the concentration of toxic vapors did not fall to normal values.  

So we ask why we gamble on the health of our children when we have technologies that allow the safe use of disinfectants?

Prevention is always cheaper than eliminating the consequences and long-term effects on health, and modern technologies can remove disinfection fumes from the environment in minutes, such as the Czech patented functional coating technology FN NANO ®, which not only removes disinfection fumes but also ensures high “sanitary” environment , reduces the risk of infection and allows safe use of disinfectants(as well as destroying Covid-19 in the air)

Together we can protect our health and the health of our children. Let’s use the available, modern technologies before we accept the condition of our children being poisoned while at school.

This article was published today here: https://pr.denik.cz/doporucujeme/proc-hazardujeme-se-zdravim-deti-ve-skole-20210208.html

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