From Coal to Clean Air: The Largest Air-Purification Tower

From Coal to Clean Air: The Largest Air-Purification Tower

A team of Czech scientists led by Dr. Jan Procházka managed to invent the most effective photocatalytic coatings in the world. It is the only officially certified nano coating with effective air cleaning ability and antibacterial function.

Jan & Paolo after cleaning the air

A Nano Tower

The Czech company Magna Energy Storage, which manufactures HE3DA batteries, has treated the famous mining elevator tower in the František industrial zone in Horní Suchá with FN NANO® photocatalytic coating. Currently, one quarter of the building is completed, but the whole area of the tower is planned to be treated, creating the largest air purifier in Europe. The total area of the mining elevator tower is 12,000 square meters, only 1 square meter of this paint cleans as much air as 1 person consumes for the whole year. This tower (after painting) removes as many exhaust fumes from the air as the operation of approximately 800 diesel cars releases into the air.

Safe and Long-Lasting Technology

The technology of functional coatings FN NANO® currently has a huge and global potential. The coronavirus pandemic seems to be in decline, so restrictions are in place and our lives are slowly returning to normal. However, there are some problems with this. The relaxation of the measures is accompanied by new regulations with a negative impact on the future. An illustrative example is the return of schoolchildren to the desks. Pupils have to disinfect their hands many times a day, which has an adverse effect not only on the skin but also on air quality. “It takes several hours for the concentration of disinfectant fumes in the air that children breathe in the room to return to normal. Ventilation is not possible everywhere or is effective enough, “explained Jan Procházka. Schoolchildren spend every day in a very polluted environment, and their immune system has to cope with a high concentration of carcinogenic fumes that are harmful to health. Possible consequences are – irritation of mucous membranes, eyes, respiratory problems, drowsiness, dizziness, poor concentration, headaches, etc .. Dr. At the same time, the walk talks about a simple solution that can handle both the contaminated air and the virus itself. According to him, the most advantageous way to achieve clean air without pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses and hazardous fumes, is the application of certified photocatalytic coatings FN NANO®.

This was used in the past as a coal elevator; now the site is no longer used for coal but for roughtly the opposite effect of cleaning the air from pollution and greenhouse gases

FN NANO® not only keeps painted surfaces free of viruses and microorganisms, but also effectively cleans the air of dangerous organic substances. Coatings work on a physical principle called photocatalysis, which means that they use the energy of light, which they convert into a completely natural oxidizing effect that removes pollutants from the air in the room. Electron activity on the surface of titanium dioxide destroys both harmful molecules and DNA / RNA of viruses and bacteria. Think of this structure as a spiral along which genetic information travels, parts of which are burned when in contact with the active surface. Before viruses completely decompose, they lose their key to the cell and are completely inactivated. Nanotechnologies are an effective tool not only in the fight against SARS-COV-2, but also other viruses and bacteria. For this reason, functional coatings are used, for example, in hospitals, homes for the elderly, airports, etc .

In conclusion, it should be noted that the photocatalytic coatings of FN NANO® have received a number of awards in the Czech Republic and abroad. For all of them, we can mention the double victory for the Czech Republic (in the category of innovation) in the prestigious European Business Awards competition, in which tens of thousands of European companies participate.

Author:  Lucie Petráková


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