The invention of the Czech scientist Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. scores again for “Big Puddle”! On a happy journey people light not only the light of the lighthouse, but the whole lighthouse shines with white-and-white purity into the distance. Another big win for FFN NANO® and Jan Proachazka as the FN NANO self-cleanign coating was applied to the Lighthouse at Port Credit in Mississauga, a truly historic lighthouse. The Coating ensures long-term protection of the surface from dirt and microorganisms such as mold and lichen.

The well-known icon of the city, the Port Credit Lighthouse in Mississauga, is the first historic landmark in Canada to be treated with a special self-cleaning FN NANO® coating. This coating ensures long-term protection of the surface from dirt and microorganisms.

However, the protective layer not only effectively and long-term prevents the growth of algae and fungi, but also fulfills an important environmental function – it cleans the ambient air of dangerous substances.

The project, which was implemented by the Czech-Canadian company Ecotip, was greatly helped by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Toronto, who has long advocated the introduction of new Czech technologies on the Canadian market.

The coating technology used is based on a clean and environmentally friendly physical method – photocatalysis. Functional coating FN NANO® uses the energy of the sun, which converts to an ecological effect comparable to a hot plate, which burns dirt and harmful substances on it. The very strong self-cleaning effect ensures zero surface maintenance and the coating keeps the lighthouse façade clean for many decades.

This project is the first in Canada when FN NANO® technology was applied to a historic monument.

In Europe, the coating, a protective layer on top of the paint, is already applied to facades and historic buildings to a greater extent. It is also used in interiors and medical facilities where it performs its function as an air purifier.

The new eco-facade of the lighthouse cleans over five hundred million cubic meters of air annually, and stays clean in the long term. This combination of economic and ecological effect can only be achieved by using only this purely Czech certified and practice-proven FN NANO technolog; there are no other known coatings as powerful on the world market.

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