Anti graffiti

Effective protection against spray paint graffiti

Functional coatings FN NANO® are efficient and friendly anti graffiti protection of buildings, including historical-listed buildings. The surface layer functional coatings FN NANO® allows easy removal of graffiti and impedes the formation of spraypaint.

FN NANO® characteristics of the coating layers:

  • Hydrophilicity = molecular water layer on the surface of the coating layer hinders adhering of color (bleeds and it is comsumes the spray-paint) or markers (very quickly coagulates) to a surface coated functional coating FN®
  • The top surface FN NANO® material layer absorbs a large amount of pigment and prevent its penetration to the substrate,
  • The relatively soft material structure FN NANO® layer allows easy removal by mechanical means without disturbing the substrate – followed by scrubbing with brushes and pressurized water.
  • The Photocatalytic self-cleaning effect ensures less pollution.

Recovery of the Anti-graffiti surface is carried out only at the location where it was performed removing graffiti and 6-7 in the thick coatings.

Long-term and friendly protection against graffiti

  • Easy graffiti removal withoug damaging the underlying material
  • Particularly suitable for monument buildings and landmarks
  • High vapor permeability

  • Always active, super strong self-cleaning effect aganst facade tarnishing, darkening

  • Certified for masonry and mineral surfaces (EG. Granite, sandstone, stone)

  • An Ecological Solution: Fully inorganic bases without solvents and organic substances

Superstrong self-cleaning effect
Anti-graffiti effect
UV Protection
High vapor permeability
More than 250 tints avalable

Anti graffity demo:

This half of the wall was treated with FN NANO® anti-graffiti coating. Graffiti was removed by brush and pressurized water in 10 minutes.

Unlike other anti-graffiti coatings, FN NANO® is fully vapor permeable and highly breathable.