Clinics protected by FN NANO® functional coatings

Look for a safer and healthier indoor environment at the following health facilities. FN NANO® functional coatings eliminate viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, eliminate odors and fumes disinfectants and improve air quality. The best reason for protection with functional coatings is the long-term protection of patients and staff.

Gemini Eye Clinic

Location:  Gemini Eye Clinic
Treated:  Interior

Reason:  Protection of workers and patients from bacteria, viruses and pollutants from the outside air, reducing possible further infection in bacteria-exposed areas.

Patologie G.I.C.

Place: GIC Pathology Laboratory

Year:   2014

Treated:  Interior

Reason:  Interest to reduce the unpleasant odor typical of such a workplace      

Gastroeterology Clinic, Reno, Nevada, USA

Place:  Clinic of Gastroeterology in Reno USA uses photocatalytic coatings FN ®
Realization: 2012
Reason:  Reduction of unpleasant odors associated with the operation of gastroenterological workplaces. After a year of use, the gastroenterology clinic in Reno (Nevada, USA) has touted the effects of  FN ® functional coatings. 

Biocel Paskov Health Center

Place:  Health Center Biocel Paskov
treatment:  Ceilings applications in health center waiting room
Reason:  Protection of workers and patients against bacteria, viruses and pollutants from the outside air, reducing potential further infection by bacteria in the exposed areas.

Prague Motol Hospital

Place:  Motol Teaching Hospital, Prague
Treated:  Outpatient Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Center in Motol, Prague
Reason:  The pediatric ambulance at Motol Teaching Hospital was treated with a new generation antibacterial coating to protect “small fighters” against unwanted vortices, infections and bacteria.

Křetín Children's Medical Institution

Place:  Křetín

Treated:  South Moravian Children’s Sanatorium
Reason:  Křetín Children’s Sanatorium is the only spa in South Moravia that successfully deals with the problem of childhood obesity. In addition to being overweight, children with eating disorders (loss of appetite, asthenia), repeatedly ill children with respiratory problems (repeated, prolonged cough, chronic rhinitis, asthma, hay fever, etc.) and children with musculoskeletal disorders are also treated here (poor posture). , a lighter type of scoliosis). Bad air contaminants can, in this case, actually kill.

Šumperk Hospota;

Location: Šumperk Hospital
Treated: Birthing Hall
Reason:   Increased hygiene at the place where mothers bring their offspring to the world

Emergency Room Trencin

Nanokrok has applied an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal coating with a self-cleaning FN® effect (Nano TiO2) to our patients’ waiting room. Many people take turns in our common waiting room with LSPP TN every day, the air is often exhaled and full of viral bacteria, especially in the flu season. “Now, thanks to the FN ® coating, we can say that air quality is much better at the entrance. We believe that we have contributed to preventing the spread of disease and a cleaner environment for our patients.”

Dr. Valkova Olga, Legionarska 24, Trencin

FN ® coatings  –  providing long-term health protection for patients and staff