Protection against infections

Nanotechnology to reduce the risk of disease transmission

Functional coatings FN NANO® ensure a healthier environment both in public areas, homes and hospitals. FN NANO® is a promising new technology to enhance the protection of patients and staff health facilities against resistant strains of dangerous bacteria and spread of infections.

Cleaning the air from odors, harmful substances and allergens, protection against the transmission of diseases and less clogging of the HVAC with greasy dirt.

Confined spaces with a larger number of people are ideal environment for disease transmission.

The higher concentration of people in one room, the higher the concentration of microorganisms that are included in this space from each person. The higher the concentration of pathogens in the area where we are, the higher the risk of contracting a disease. It depends on how large dose of infectious agent of the disease are exposed to and how strong our immune system.

The air we breathe inside buildings, contains a large number of allergens and a series of dangerous contaminants that are released from paints, plastics, textiles, furniture and cleaning supplies and disinfectants. If buildings are air-conditioned, the air is contaminated with bacteria and accumulating in the air conditioning. These colonies of bacteria and fungi include a series of hazardous substances in the air.

FN NANO® coatings can stop pathogenic microorganisms including Coronavirus

With the advent of global transportation comes the heightened risk of pandemics such as the latest 2019-nCoV Coronavirus. It is worth learning more about the size of the virus and how technology can help to defend against these pandemics.

The sizes of the family of Coronaviruses are somewhere in the area of 100-130 nanometers. To put that in perspective, a human hair is about 60,000 nanometers in diameter. This virus is much smaller than typical bacteria, and it is difficult to filter out even with the best surgical masks which usually are functional to the 300 nanometer level.

One way to deter the spread of viruses is to disassemble them at the molecular level. The physical photocatalytic process holds one of the most important tools to fight the current Coronavirus by eliminating it in oxidative degradation activated by the daylight. Organic matter reacts with oxygen on a photocatalyst surface, which is charged with intense power on the molecular scale. This power works by pulling away the electrons from chemical functional bonds that form the components of viruses (and this also works on bacteria and many types of pollution). Initially the virus either perishes or is deprived of functional groups – the key to penetrate organism is deactivated. Finally it is completely destroyed, such as in a burning process.

FN NANO® photocatalytic coatings, applied on ceilings and walls, eliminate the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus of the air and on surfaces with the assistance of soft UVA light. The popularity of nano-coatings grew dramatically during the 2002-3 SARs epidemic as an effective non-chemical mechanism to ward off viruses. Today FN NANO®, multifunctional coatings are used in hospitals, airports, public places, homes, restaurants, schools and more. And FN NANO®, is much stronger than any global nano coating, even the Japanese brands (approximately 50 times stronger as proven by ISO Standard Tests)


The higher the load of harmful substances our organism is exposed to, the more stress on the liver and the greater the load, and is exposes the weakening of our immune system and thus we are more prone to succumb to an infection.

The world’s strongest coating, FN NANO®, is now available from the Czech Nanotechnology firm, Advanced Materials-JTJ in Prague. The FN NANO® Multifunctional Coatings are able to breakdown many such viruses, bacteria, pollutants, allergens, emissions, toxins and even greenhouse gases in the air (inside as well as in the outdoor environment).


There are variation of FN NANO®. Some are particularly necessary for hospitals that include a biocide. But for all other interiors, FN NANO®2 is the most suitable, to be apply by sprayer, roller or brush, almost like a paint. UV light is necessary so either a sunny location in the building or an additional UV light to replace a normal bulb, is necessary (please contact us for more details on the lighting).

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The photocatalytic functional coating technology reduces the risk of disease transmission by reducing the concentration of microorganisms in a space where it is applied, and by actively cleans the air of hazardous substances that burden the immune system.

Lowering the concentration of microorganisms in the space of the room.

Light activated FN NANO® photocatalytic surface has a strong antimicrobial effect. This effect is physical in nature, and its mechanism is based on the use of special morphology of the coating layer, the mineral composition and the use of a semiconductor phenomenon in which light energy is formed on the surface of the titanium dioxide semiconductor with microcrystals, free electrons and electron holes. Thanks to these characteristics, the coating layer very effectively entraps micro-organisms and creates conditions in which they are not able to survive. Microorganisms have no immunity against this physical mechanism. This mechanism moreover, unlike chemicals, ceasing to operate in a very short period of their use (for most they dry) operates permanently. Unlike chemicals that can dry and become ineffective, the coating changes very little even after 3 years.  Due to non-chemical antimicrobial effect essentially on the use FN NANO® 1, 2 and 3  legislative restrictions REQUIRE chemical biocides! 

Public spaces and health facilities and other areas where hygienic reasons require the use of biocidal products we have developed and delivered – FN NANO® BioMax containing biocidal active substances and combines the effect of physical antimicrobial mechanism.

Air purification of the Interior from Hazardous substances and allergen with FN NANO® reduces the burden on the immune system and thus increases their ability to defend against attack by microorganisms. 

Special photocatalytic efficiency and surface morphology created special coating FN NANO® allows its use as an air purifier for effective removal of a wide variety of harmful substances, which can be dispersed in the room air. They get there, not only from a contaminated external environment, but their source could be even interior rooms (furniture, carpets, plastic) or used cleaning as agents and disinfectants. A significant source of air pollution are also colonies of fungi and bacteria deposited in the ventilation system. FN® photoactivated surface reduces the concentration of these harmful substances in the room and thereby relieves the immune system which is better able to resist infection.

COMPANY STATEMENT: MECHANISM preventive effects photocatalytic surfaces created with a special FN NANO® coating antifoulant PLATE terms of the law on biocides (324/2016 Coll.)

Two technologies in one functional of a thin coating layer

  1. Surface air purifier layer: the surface of the walls and ceilings actively clean indoor air from a wide variety of harmful substances, allergens, odors and fatty micro droplets.
  2. Active sanitary surfaces provide long term protection against permanent settling of microorganisms and their overgrowth.
Prevent infections
Easy to apply
350 tints to choose from
Can be activated with energy saving light
5 year functional guarantee