Environment – Reducing NOx in the air

The only technology available that is able to effectively clean the air in cities and industrial agglomerations of air pollution, are highly effective photocatalytic surfaces, which can be created using multifunctional coatings FN NANO®.

Air purification functional coatings FN NANO®

Clever multifunctional coatings FN NANO® long clean facades and the surrounding air. They are very effective means against smog and pollution and other hazardous substances in the air. 1 m2 surface painted FN NANO® functional coating can, in one a year. clean three million cubic meters of air pollutants by 60% (with an average air flow 0.2 m / s and 8 pm daily exposure.

 1 m2 surface painted FN NANO® functional coating can clean, in one year, three million cubic meters of air pollutants by 60%

Our functional coatings FN NANO® have an efficiency higher than 50% of the theoretical maximum photocatalytic coatings are the most effective in the world market. Our 2nd generation coatings outperform competitive solutions by over 100x.

Air pollution in the Czech Republic

Large parts of the Czech Republic are affected by poor air quality, which is contaminated by air pollution from transportation and industrial production. The extent and location of contamination shown in the following map.

Most common to air pollution concentration is airborne dust, which is distinguished by particle size PM10 and PM2.5 PM1,0 (numbers indicate the size of dust particles of micron size (1 micron = 1 x 10-6 m).

Photocatalysis, which supplies energy to ultraviolet radiation (a natural part of daylight), removes dangerous pollutants even at very low concentrations (even below 1 ppm) in which they are dispersed in the air. Photocatalytic efficiency is critical to the use of paints or photocalytic concrete to clean air. Photocatalytic efficiency can be measured according to ISO standards.

Clean air with functional coatings FN NANO®

  • Keep the building facade clean and clean the air surrounding it

  • 10 year functional guarantee

  • Protects cities from the effects of engine exhaust

  • The energy needed is from normal sunshine

Superstrong, self-cleaning effect
UV Protection
Easy application
Functional 10 year guarantee
350 Pastel tints

Air protection applications


The Barrandov Wall in Prague has been cleaning the air for six years alongside heavily busy roads

Concrete boxes clean the air along the overloaded road Strakonická, Prague. So they relieve Smog of constantly stressed Smíchov breathing.

The façade of the apartment building in Ladvi, Prague, cleans the air in a smog-laden metropolis

The FN NANO® multifunctional coatings clean the house facades and ambient air for a long time