FN NANO® functional coatings in homes

FN NANO® functional coatings clean air from unpleasant odors, hazardous substances and allergens and reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the rooms where this technology is used. This helps to create a healthier and more enjoyable environment in building interiors. They are therefore widely used in homes where they help maintain a clean and healthy environment in the long term. They are an effective prevention of musty, bacteria and mold.

The apartment of actor Valdimir Long

Location: Prague, center
Treated: Walls and ceilings of interiors,
Reason: Protection against smoke from cigarettes. Protection from bacteria and viruses.

On June 20, two years have passed since the death of the  leading Czech actor, Vladimír Dlouhý , who was a great supporter of FN® functional coatings and one of their first users. Among other things, he came to support us in 2009 for our press conference, where we first introduced our activities and products. In recent months, his struggle with cancer has helped him to protect himself against the risk of infections due to his weakened immunity. Thank you very much to his wife Petra that she has given this reference a few years later.

Seven years ago, my husband, actor Vladimír Dlouhý, was enthusiastic about the project of Jan Procházka, which involved photocatalytic coatings. And that is how he applied the coatings in our house in a few days.

Mirek was a strong smoker, and when twins Jan and George were born, he smoked only in his study. I was surprised that the walls did not turn yellow and the smell of cigarettes was not so strong. Two years ago, I moved with my sons and primarily painted the ceilings with these coatings. They destroy bacteria and I believe that we are not sick either. Thank you and based on my own experience I can definitely recommend these special coatings!

Petra Dlouhá Jungmanová

A bathroom in the house of Miluše Mudrové

Location:  Prague 
Treated:  Bathroom walls 
Reason:  The wall after the replacement of plastic windows began to mold for a long time. Classical means only helped for a short time.

Anyone struggling with the  problem of mold in their home or apartment  knows what a fierce enemy it is. Conventional chemical antifungal agents act only for a short time and the fungus will eventually grow again after a relatively short period of time.  FN® functional coating is able to provide long-lasting effective action against fungi. Its antifungal effect is not based on the chemical action of the fungus, which disappears after a short time, but works on a physical basis. The FN® suspension forms a thin layer with extremely small pores on the surface of the treated surface, which the mold cannot grow for a long time. if light or ultraviolet light from an artificial source hits the treated area, the antifungal effect is activated by photocatalysis, which also eliminates unpleasant odors and dangerous substances that the mold releases into the air .

The use of FN®1 and FN®2 coatings has proven to be successful for Miluša Mudrová:

After replacing the wooden windows with plastic, I have been struggling with mold for a long time. Using chloringe bleach and the painter’s special paint failed. Fortunately, I learned about FN® Functional Coating. I pcoated the wall myself and the effect exceeded my expectations. Mold disappeared and no longer grew. In addition, it cleans the air from smells. Highly recommended, ideal for bathrooms.

Miluše Mudrová

Home in Piešťany, Slovakia

Location:  Piešťany, Slovakia 
Treated:  Walls, Ceiling 
Reason:  The house has a “sewage perfume” (especially bathroom and attic of our house)

When I heard about FN® Nano and their patented FN nano coatings, I was concerned about how “some paint” could absorb odors. My wife finally spoke to me for a “rehearsal” at least to make a bathroom in the attic of our family house, where “sewage perfume” was very noticeable. (I think there are certainly more people who have this problem.) So far, no “guaranteed remedies” such as a freshener, a small air purifier, etc. have helped us. 
The company came, measured, applied, and after 4 months “on trial” we can say with my wife that we have finally chosen the right product for our problem, the coating application is still working as if it was on the first day. Who hasn’t not tried, will not believe the change.
The stink disappeared – and now! So we decided that we would do the rest of the house. I hope the company will have a free date by Christmas. We are satisfied with the solution. 
We can recommend it.

Ing. Milan B. with family, 27.10.2010 Piešťany

Home Dubnica nad Váhom

Location:  Dubnica nad Váhom 
Treated:  Walls and Ceiling 
Reason: According to the pictures, a permanent problem of prefabricated flats (panelak apartment buildings) can be seen. Moisture and, of course, the associated molds.

Illustrated by the photos, the constant problem of prefabricated flats can be seen. Moisture and, of course, the associated molds. NanoKrok, with their nanonater, has dealt with it superbly, without chemicals and construction work! We finally have peace from this moldy problem and the paint still cleans our air. We are happy not only because of ourselves but also because of our little grandson.

Thank you, JR with family, Dubnica n / V

FN ® functional coatings  – for households without bacteria, odor and mold