FN® functional coatings are also produced in colored variants or tints. We have already developed 350 color pastel shades. Most of them are prepared for larger individual orders and at an additional cost. If you are interested, please contact us and we will prepare a quotation for you. Color tints can also be purchased at no extra cost. We have selected a range of shades for you that we offer without extra charge as a coating system that includes a colored FN® coating and a color matched primer. Silicate paint is used as a base for FN® coating in interiors. Acrylic and silicate paints can be used for exteriors. If you choose one of the following shades together with the background color, you do not pay any surcharge. The minimum order of color shade with background color is 5 l. Think about a carefully ordered quantity so that you do not need to order the hue. In this case, slight color variations may occur. We are still working on expanding our color range and increasing the number of free-of-charge tints. (Using tints not obtained from FN NANO will impair the effectiveness of FN Coatings due to their ingredients which will BLOCK the active ingredient. This is the problem our competitors face and only our company has discovered the mechanism that works). 

Color shades preview ( click ):

The tints you see on the screen correspond to the colors created together with the undercoat and colored FN®.


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