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FN NANO® coatings have a clear positive impact on the environment.

FN NANO® coatings are safe and have a clear positive impact on the environment. Their use is
recommended by leading experts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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Advanced Materials-JTJ declaration on the safety of FN NANO® products regarding the use of Nano materials

FN NANO® coatings do not release any respirable particles into the environment.

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Mechanism of the preventive effects (How it works):

In the presence of ultraviolet light, molecules of microorganisms are entrapped and exposed to the action of the energy of free electron holes with electron energy of 3.2 eV. This energy is greater than the energy of most bonds between atoms in molecules of organic substances. Consequently, these bonds are broken and their place binds atmospheric oxygen. As can be seen from and experiment a factory smoking area (Figure 2), where the ceiling plate was illuminated by fluorescent UVA, all the smoke and deposits on the active layer decomposed.

Mechanismus preventivních účinků

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The official position of the Czech Society for Applied photocatalysis reported in an official statement and other professionals in the EAA web TZB Info

This is a response about misleading information regarding the use of Titanium Dioxide, by persons who have not performed correct scientific standard procedures and have stated opinions that could cause serious financial harm to the European Union. Their purpose was unknown, but it is now rectified. Insufficient professional level of authors in the field of photocatalysis, material chemistry clearly lacking practical experience led to professionally incompetent, ideological text characterized by alarming text before purporting actually nonexistent danger of health risks for humans titanium dioxide. “The Scientific Council is convinced that employees of state bodies should not spread their subjective opinions without previous wide professional discussion of which would create a qualified consensus “.

With a detailed approach, the authors wrote this article detailing the professional misconduct of its authors (found in the full text of the attached document).

Opinion of the Czech Society for Applied photocatalysis

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Stanovisko České společnosti pro aplikovanou fotokatalýzu

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NOTICE: NOTICE: The company FN-NANO Ltd. acceded business reasons for a new product designation registered trademarks FN®. Simplified trade name by deletion of the word “Protectam” and new denomination of the products with signs FN®1, FN®2 and FN®3. For better orientation, the customer may indicate specifics characteristics with the second part of the (descriptive) name – eg. Transparent, Wood, BioMax, Aqua, etc. All documents say besides the basic product designations FUNCTIONAL COATING FN® ]and some with Protectam trade name that will gradually be phased out.