Personal swimming pools

Cystal clear Swimming Pools

A novelty in the maintenance of water in the private swimming pool is a special suspension FN NANO® Aqua, which uses purely physical phenomenon is used to reduce the amount of pool chemicals while maintaining the high quality of the pool water. This removes the threat of chlorine irritation the human eye and skin. This is especially appreciated by children, people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Clean and Healthy Water

Maintaining a clean and healthy water in the pool house is not a simple matter. It requires water quality, regular care and use of chemical substances to ensure that the water does not breed microorganisms.

The new formulation is an aqueous suspension containing an inert mineral substance which on the basis of their physical properties and to utilize the energy of UV  of daylight or UV lamps (if part of the filtering system), can prevent the overgrowth of microbes and reduce water contamination by organic impurities.

Crystal clear pool without using chemicals.

Aqua FN® for people with sensitive skin, small children and people with allergies.

The minerals contained in FN NANO® Aqua engulfs and kills cyanobacteria and will prevent ultraviolet radiation in their bodies. This stops the process of photosynthesis and cyanobacteria within a few days die. Then falls in the form of sludge on the bottom (left tube). Water without cyanobacteria FN NANO® Aqua successfully survive (right tube).


It is suitable for outdoor uncovered pool or swimming pool is running fine sand filtration and the roofing, which can be left open so that so that sunlight can penetrate without having to pass through the glazing made of mineral or plastic glass, which restricts the passage of UV light; or feature recirculation with UVC lamp (hard antibacterial radiation).

FN NANO® AQUA can be used concurrently with chemical agents or active oxygen (ozone). With suitable formulation the pool water, used less frequency or with intensity the swimming pool  can run without the use pool chlorine chemicals.

Not suitable for public swimming pools and perfect and without regular maintenance!

It is suitable for covered pools with fine sand filtration and UV lamp, which is part of the filtration system and is regularly used. Open in summer pool for direct access to sunlight is an advantage.

FN NANO® AQUA can be used concurrently with chemical means. With suitable formulation the pool water, used less frequency or with intensity the swimming pool  can run without the use pool chlorine chemicals.

FN NANO® Aqua clean pools

  • It allows reducing the amount of pool chemicals.
  • Suitable supplement to active oxygen

  • Also suitable for aquariums and ponds
  • Works in every PH level

  • ACTIVATED by sun and/or safe, UV artificial light
Superstrong self-cleaning effect
Chemistry free
Prevents bacteria growth
Suitable for Aquariums and Ponds

Examples of use

Indoor swimming pool at his family home in Velke Popovice with filter system with UV lamp. Aqua product FN NANO® allow owners to reduce doses of chlorine chemistry so that the pool area transformed into a winter garden with flowers.

Pool that allowed population growth of organisms had FN NANO® Aqua treatment applied. There are no pool chemicals, but using fold more FN NANO® Aqua, before it is used for routine maintenance of pool water.  Even in this case, came a positive result.  Use FN NANO® Aqua troubleshooting steps polluted water, however, it is economically quite costly.


1 Day before using FN® Aqua


2. 3 days after application of FN® Aqua


3. after seven days – the water in the pool is cleaned, coated micro minerals FN® Aqua dropped to the bottom as sludge

Personal pool in Žilině, CZ

Personal pool in Drhovech, CZ

Personal pool in  Velkých Popovice, CZ

Personal pool in Hostivice, CZ

FN NANO® Aqua prevents overgrowth of microorganisms and reduces the pollution of water organic impurities

The composition reduces the overgrowth of microorganisms using the following mechanisms:

  • Wrapping microorganisms inorganic film that will prevent ultraviolet radiation and thereby stop their physiological processes based on the use of photosynthesis (cyanobacteria and algae).
  • Daylight or artificial ultraviolet, light-activated microscopic crystals photoactive titanium oxide physically, by means of the semiconductor effect, removing from the water molecules, and microscopic particles of organic impurities serving as nutrient source for microorganisms.
  • Direct contact photoactivated photoactive particles of titanium oxide with the surface of bacteria or spores are in direct energy to electrons and electron holes at the surface of the particles, molecules of organic substances, one of which is formed by cell walls. Energetic action catalyzes the breakdown of these molecules. As a result of prolonged exposure the rupture of the microorganism’s cell wall occurs.

As a result of the processes described above is not only prevented overgrowth of microorganisms, but also reduce the amount of organic substances which would otherwise accumulate in the pool.