Wood protection

Non-chemical protection of wooden surfaces with long-term efficiency

Application of functional coating FN NANO® wood creates on the surface of the shield, which effectively and longterm protects the wood against microbial attack, and against changes its appearance due to deposition and penetration of dirt scattered in the air and also in relation to the degrading effect of ultraviolet radiation.

The coating layer is well breathable – well allows the wood to “breathe”. At the same time actively prevents the formation of microorganisms on the surface of the wood and their penetration depth of the material.

Active protection against settling of microorganisms is based on the physical properties of coating film: its special morphology and mineral composition in combination with the extremely strong photocatalytic effect.

Functionality protective surface is long. It is essential that the FN NANO® coating layer is not removed or is not covered by another material. To protect wood surfaces we recommend using paints and FN NANO®1 & FN NANO® Transparent in the basic version or in colored variants. FN NANO® coatings can be applied to both raw untreated wood and wood impregnated protective chemistry or older wooden surfaces treated in the past glazing products.

FN NANO® coatings are not, however, designed to protect wood floors and other wood surfaces exposed to mechanical stress.

Superstrong self-cleaning effect
Easy to apply
UV Protection
15 year functional guarantee

FN® Effect on wood after 5 years

Wooden fence FN® treated and two untreated planks after 5 years

Wooden fence FN® treated and two untreated planks after 5 years

Wooden fence FN® treated and untreated planks after 5 years

Half of the treated wooden fence FN NANO® after 5 years in a humid environment

Functional coatings FN NANO® – for long-term protection of wood against microbial attack and changes in appearance