The situation is serious, but not desperate. The recommended quarantine and government measures affect our lives. Most of us  will spend more time in our homes and we can realize the basic human values. The most important thing for all of us is our health .

We could also think about whether we ourselves can create an environment in which we feel much safer.

It is important to prevent and be prepared for such situations . This is not only true for those most at risk (the elderly, cancer patients, people with reduced immunity, etc.), but for all of us.

Soon the spring season will come, and we can only hope that all viruses and bacteria will be retreating.  At that time there will be a period of pollen allergens and other microorganisms that make our lives more difficult every year.

Everyone can do something about it in their own homes.

We offer a solution through the Czech patented nano technology of functional coatings FN ® .

We can eliminate the risk of infection now and ourselves. You no longer have to suffer from recurrent respiratory diseases. Having pleasant, clean and healthy air without odors, viruses, bacteria, fungi and toxins is really possible nowadays.

All you need to do is paint your ceilings with our FN® 3 photocatalytic functional coating and illuminate it with UVA light if daylight is not available and your home becomes cleaner and healthier.

You will have a highly efficient , trouble-free, environmentally-friendly, low-noise and economical air purifier at home, which will significantly reduce the possible occurrence of even coronavirus.

It is an ecological solution – without chemistry , working on a purely physical effect and its functionality is inexhaustible.

Now you have time to think about everything, evaluate your priorities and possibly even paint. Everyone can do it and there is nothing to wait for. So take advantage of your time now!

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