Advanced Materials presented at the Biennial Pigment & Colour Science Forum held in Berlin

Advanced Materials presented at the Biennial Pigment & Colour Science Forum held in Berlin

At the conference CEO Dr Jan Prochazka presented the FN NANO technology to industry leaders of the paint and coatings industry, and the producers/users of titanium dioxide. This year’s industry get-together was held in Berlin at Hotel Berlin.

This biennial event, is the largest gathering concerning upstream and downstream users of Titanium Dioxide and the most important forum to learn about new trends, technologies and colors for the paint and coatings industry.

The subject of Dr Prochazka’s presentation was the technology to clean and purify the air of pollution, particle matter, bacteria and much more with the FN NANO photocatalytic coating. An ideal occasion for industry leaders – the industry most associated with wall covering and most directly and powerfully able to make the change in world pollution – to listen to how a technology could be utilized, the strongest known technology, by those with the best access and capability.

Another important issue of recent times is the ECHA classification process that could be described politely as unwise and detrimental to the industry, or it could be described as unethical, absent of scientific foundation and/or a multi-billion dollar loss of revenue, depending on the audience.
It is the opinion of Advanced Materials that the problem would be catastrophic to the industry but also the European Union as a whole, considering the unwise process and ignorance of scientific procedures that have allowed the classification to proceed along political lines rather than developing a classification based on science.

Nonetheless, the use of titanium dioxide in a liquid form as in the presented technological advantages of FN NANO, would not be covered or affected under this detrimental classification.  The audience members were interested in the technological advantages of the patented technology and were able to comment and ask questions of the Advanced Materials team at the conference who were available for that purpose.

The environmental concerns of the presenters were on clear display at the conference, highlighting sustainable memes in their production and packaging, as well as concepts envisioned for the future.

FN NANO clearly fulfills sustainable goals because of its intensive protective powers for painted and insulated surfaces. Added value comes in the remediation power of air purification (removing pollution as well as greenhouse gases).

A little education goes a long way when industry leaders are in attendance and the paint and coatings industry members were surely made aware of the strongest available technology to remedy air pollution. The future deployment of this technology is now in the hands of the best possible industry to execute this advantage.

Let’s see who listened, shall we?

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