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The situation is serious, but not desperate. The recommended quarantine and government measures affect our lives. Most of us  will spend more time in our homes and we can realize the basic human values. The most important thing for all of us is our health . We could also think about whether we ourselves can create an environment in which we feel much safer. It is important to prevent and be prepared for such situations . This is not only true for those most at risk (the [...]


High award from USA for Ing. Jan Procházka

Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. has received a high award from the US Senator for his innovative work in nanotechnology – specifically for the contribution of his environmental nano coatings that purify the air and help mitigate global warming. It is a high honor to a Czech scientist and we believe that even in the Czech Republic his nano coatings will celebrate the same success as in the US.


The annual press conference aroused the interest of journalists

Annual press conference of our parent company Advanced Materials-JTJ, s.r.o. took place in the beautiful premises of the Le Palais Art Hotel Prague and its themes attracted many journalists interested in innovation and modern technology. The theme of the conference was: FN-NANO® technology for a healthy environment and against climate change Clean Buildings, Healthier Air and Safer Climate in Cities Contact points: We have demonstrated the universal use of FN NANO® technology as a measure for urban cooling (to combat the Urban Heat Island [...]