Test Explanations and Comparisons

The Tests explanations linked to the test results in Czech and English.

The test results are normally given in details that scientists can understand but the normal person might find difficult. This page seeks to explain the advantages of FN NANO using plain language.

Why is FN stronger than all other photocatalytic coatings?

Binder technology allows more titanium dixoide to ve touchec by light. Other coatings block the tio2 from receiving light.

Lasts longer (i.e., it works longer)

Nox tests.

Nox tests are done using a reactor. The reactor is a box that is connected to tubes from which Nox gas can be introduced and then measured after leaving the reactor box. The reactor box for this standard allows UVA light to shine into the box where is placed a glass slide that has FN NANO placed on it. The test measures the reduction of Nox in a way that is standardized so that other tests in other locations, in other laboratories can perform the tests exactly the same way.

This, unfortunately is not always  the case.