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Click this video-link FN nano English version PRIMER

  • describes advantages
  • describes cleaning
  • Shows how to apply


FN NANO for Surface protection

  • prevents dirt and dust from settling or attaching to the surface; it keeps the surface clean and _**self-cleans**_ for ten years without washing off in rain
  • it is for
    • vertical, angular walls
    • roof tops
    • even flat surfaces (but we do not recommend for walking surfaces)
  • it kills all the microorganisms and dirt like
    • mold
    • lichen
    • dirt, soot, ash, grease/oils
  • it lasts 15 years (but we guarantee it for 10 years)
  • it also reflects the UV light and sunlight, to keep the surface (and interior) cooler


  • the material titanium dioxide is prepared and made smaller into 25 nanometer size and mixed with our patented binder material
  • when sunlight hits the tio2 it will react and actually pull away the electrons at the molecular level; the electrons are like the glue and then the compounds fall apart; all the microorganisms and dirt are Organic, so they will be targeted first and moss, mold, lichen will die.
    • this is why the surface remains clean; all these things cannot sticks to the surface
    • the clear economic advantage is because it remains clean and
      • the surface needs no maintenance
      • the surfaces like paint will last three times longer because there is no erosion; and the paint cannot chip away
      • and because it reacts well with water, there is no water settling under the surface so it paints and insulation won’t freeze and chip away
  • the color does not fade, also, because the tio2 is like a sunblock and the UV light will prevent the surface from fading or tarnishing. (Skin sunblock has tio2 – but _FN won’t wash off_).
  • FN is “hydrophyllic – meaning that it works well with water; water does not harm the surface of FN; water only makes a thin film that doesn’t go through the surface. (It is not water resistant officially, but it does something similar)



Barrandov Road SOUND BARRIER Walls

This sound protection barrier is next to a busy road in Prague 5 district. The top photo shows just after painting with FN in 2014. In the bottom photo, look at the 2 walls on the left: The lighter vertical stripes – and the little light colored boxes – had FN applied on them. The 3 middle walls on the right show darker, dirtier boxes where the FN was NOT APPLIED. The rest of the walls to the right were coated completely with FN.



Vila Bianca with FN NANO Coating

Vila Bianca is a premium apartment complex near the Embassy district in Prague 6 that created on a historical site. The building below was built in 2003. By 2007 the marble surface suffered from dirt accumulation from rain and proximity to the busy road just ten meters away (Photo, below, left). The building was cleaned with pressure spray water and then FN was applied. The photo below right is 7 years after. There is no accumulation of dirt, mold and other residue because the building is constantly self cleaning with FN NANO(r). The bottom photo is from google maps.

Image from Photocatalytic Photos


Vila Bianc Google Mapsilia


  • there is no other photcatalytic coating product as strong as FN NANO
  • there is no other product that lasts this long
  • there is no other product that has as much certified proof on their website
  • Please see and choose Documents tab
    • here you will see the large amount of tests and certifications.
    • this is important because it was done with real scientific associations, schools, and independent regulators
      • most important is the ISO testing. Some other coatings have ISO testing, but not of them are nearly as strong as FN and we show the numbers in comparison to theirs



  • Before application the surface must be clean
    • if there is mold or some dirt, it must be cleaned with bio agent to kill the microorganisms like mold or lichen.
  • sometimes a primer is necessary or for loose surfaces it it might require a stabilizing material
  • and then it can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer
  • Functional guaranteed application requires 3 very thin applications of approximately 5 microns each. (Normal paint is about 30 microns per application).
  • But our colors must be used; please do not dilute or mix with any colors because they will ruin the product.


youtube Video about cleaning and application


youtube Video about application

  • we have a transparent version
  • we have other versions that can be mixed with color
  • But our colors must be used; please do not dilute or mix with any colors because they will ruin the product.



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