Manufacturer warranty

The manufacturer provides its standard guarantees on durability and storability of the coating layer and also guarantees the functioning and effectiveness FN NANO® coatings for air cleaning, the self-cleaning surface, protection against microorganisms, UV protection and protection against graffiti. These functions provides a manufacturer’s warranty up to 15 years.

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Guarantee for new and completely revitalized facades with FN NANO® protective coating
Guarantee on surfaces with FN NANO® protective coating
Guarantee for the protective functions of FN NANO® multifunctional coatings for interiors
Guarantee on concrete and porous mineral surfaces with protective coating FN NANO®
Guarantee for wood surfaces with protective coating FN NANO®

If conditions respecting manufacturer’s instructions are met, and the condition that the functional coating is accessing ultraviolet (UV) radiation – having a wavelength below 370 nm – is able to function effectively, FN® is able to perform perform the following functions:

The function of air purification and removal of odor and pollutants: to remove a wide variety of organic and some inorganic pollutants and odorous organic substances contained in low concentrations in air

The function of protection against microorganisms: effectively preventing microorganisms to be deposited on a surface treated FN paint

Function permanently with a clean appearance: exterior prevents atmospheric deposition of dirt and algae and mold on the surface of facades and walls to ensure their long-term clean look

The function of protection against UV radiation: offering robust protection of the surface from degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation

Anti-graffiti function: to create a protective layer that allows easy removal of graffiti

NOTICE: The company has re-branded the registered FN® brand for commercial reasons on the 1. 10. 2021. Currently, two registered brands are used, the international FN NANO®  and the Czech FN®. It has simplified the trade name by deleting the word “Protectam” and uses the designations FN® 1, FN® 2 and FN® 3 or newly FN NANO® 1, FN NANO® 2, FN NANO® 3, FN NANO® BioMax, FN NANO® Wood and FN NANO® Aqua. In addition to the basic product designation functional coatings FN®, all documents also mention the trade name Protectam, which is no longer in use and will be gradually replaced by the above-mentioned simplified name FN NANO®.