Hotels and apartments

Nanotechnology FN NANO ® for hypoallergenic rooms, greater comfort and a healthier environment in hotels and apartments

FN NANO® coatings are increasingly used in modern fully air-conditioned hotels. This technology reduces problems from bacteria, mold, etc., which are commonly spread by air conditioning and can infect the entire hotel, incl. guests.

By installing the photocatalytic technology of functional coatings FN NANO®, you will create a quality indoor environment in hotels and other spaces. This solution costs a fraction of the cost of a HVAC with efficient air purification. In hotels and apartments, the FN NANO® technology can be used both in common areas (restaurant, bar, wellness) and in guest rooms.

The ceiling and walls coated with FN NANO® surface and suitably activated with UVA light ensure effective cleaning of the air from unpleasant odors, allergens, viruses and bacteria. The technology also removes hazardous substances that evaporate from plastics, furniture, carpet cleaners. It also cleans the air from pollution that penetrate the interior of the building from the polluted outdoor environment.

Your guests will be protected against allergic reactions in your hypoallergenic rooms.

In combination with other measures using other nanotechnology conveniences, it is possible to offer guests truly hypoallergenic rooms. You will create a standard that exceeds the current offer of the world’s leading hotel chains. An example is the Pure Space Solution. Hypoallergenic rooms in hotels are becoming a worldwide trend

Wherever functional FN NANO® coatings are installed in interiors, and ultraviolet light falls on the surface, the risk of infection transmission is reduced. Tests of health institutes have shown that the activated FN NANO® surface effectively prevents the deposition and growth of microorganisms. Minimizing the amount of microorganisms on the surfaces painted with FN NANO® means an overall reduction in the concentration of microorganisms in the room. This guarantees a reduction in the risk of disease transmission.

FN NANO® coatings are increasingly used in modern fully air-conditioned hotels.


FN NANO® functional coatings are not paint. It is a means by which you can turn every wall and ceiling into an efficient nanotechnological air purifier. Unlike electro-mechanical air purifiers, FN NANO® works completely silently, trouble-free and maintenance-free. It works with minimal operating costs.

It works for a long time. If the surface FN NANO® layer is not mechanically removed or covered with another material, it can work without problems for decades. The installation of the FN NANO® “nan purifier” is comparable to the price of standard air purifiers. Unlike them, it can deal with extremely small concentrations of some foreign substances, which these treatment plants cannot handle. It does not provide dust filtration or air ionization. In terms of operating costs, the functional FN NANO® coating is significantly cheaper than conventional air purifiers.

Hotels and apartments

  • Likviduje zápachy, plísňové spory, alergeny

  • Funguje jako nehlučná, bezúdržbová, ekonomická a účinná čistička vzduchu

  • Likviduje zápachy a výpary z kuchyně

  • Prevence bakterií a plísní

  • Garance účinnosti 10 let

Infection prevention
Energy saving activation light
Easy application
350 shades of pastel colors
Functionality guarantee up to 15 years

Hypoallergenic rooms

Hypoallergenic rooms in hotels are becoming a worldwide trend.

Hypoallergenic rooms in hotels are becoming a worldwide trend.