Healthier Offices

Modern office buildings also carry a higher risk of transmission of infections, and thus a greater illness of employees. By installing the photocatalytic technology of functional coatings FN®, it is possible to create significantly healthier in the premises of large office buildings.

Quality Air in the Office

In one day, a person “consumes” a huge amount of air (about 15 kg). Within this air, all other substances with which it is saturated also easily penetrate into the human body. Air quality significantly affects our health. The source of a large part of pollutants are also the interiors of modern buildings, which are crammed with a number of plastics and other artificially prepared materials, from which various health-threatening substances are released into the air. Efforts to save heat lead to the creation of air-conditioned buildings with closed-air circulation, where these substances accumulate to an increased extent. This, together with other negative influences, negatively affects the health of people living in such buildings. The term Sick Building Syndrome is used for this phenomenon.

Air quality significantly affects our health

All you have to do is paint your office space with our FN® photocatalytic functional paint, illuminate it with UVA light and your workspace will become cleaner and healthier. As soon as the light falls on a painted wall or ceiling with a functional FN® coating, it is activated and immediately begins to perform its cleaning function.

This gives you a highly efficient, trouble-free, environmentally friendly, quiet and cost-effective air purifier! It is powered by light and otherwise does not need to replace any filters or other maintenance. Its service life is 10 years or more, provided that the access of ultraviolet light is ensured and the FN® layer is not mechanically removed or repainted.

Ecological solution

It is an ecological solution – without chemistry, working on a purely physical effect. FN® coatings are therefore also used in large office (Open Space) spaces, etc. They are very useful during periods of flu epidemics, when they significantly reduce the illnesses of employees. From the commonly used air conditioners in these buildings, there is no risk of leakage of bacteria, fungi, etc., which unfortunately are commonly spread by air conditioners and can infect the entire office staff.

Economic Operation

Functional FN® coatings are not just paint. It is a means by which you can turn every wall and ceiling into an efficient nanotechnological air purifier. Unlike electro-mechanical air purifiers, FN® works completely noiselessly, trouble-free and maintenance-free, with minimal operating costs (only if lighting with an artificial UVA light source is required).

Its functionality is long-term. If the surface FN® layer is not mechanically removed or covered with another material and ultraviolet light falls on it, it can work without problems for decades. The installation of the FN® “nano purifier” is comparable to the price of standard air purifiers. Unlike them, it can deal with extremely small concentrations of some foreign substances, which these treatment plants cannot handle. It does not provide dust filtration or air ionization. In terms of operating costs, the functional FN® coating is significantly cheaper than conventional air purifiers.

What FN ® functional coatings can do:

  • Eliminates odors, allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria

  • Reduces the risk of transmitting infectious diseases

  • It will significantly reduce morbidity during flu epidemics

  • It works even on low concentrations of undesirable substances

  • It creates a clean and healthy environment

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Offices protected by functional FN® coatings

HE3DA’s offices in Prague are protected by our nanotechnology air purifier

Nano4People’s offices in one of the most polluted areas in the Czech Republic – in the Ostrava region, are protected by our nantechnological air purifier

The relaxing open space of the Gemini eye clinic is protected by our nantechnological air purifier

With our photocatalytic functional coating FN® it is possible to achieve a healthy indoor environment even in large office buildings

We can significantly reduce illnesses during flu epidemics

The photocatalytic surface of the ceiling and walls, created by FN® coatings, is able to effectively eliminate foreign substances that enter the air of rooms made of plastics, furniture, linoleum, carpets, detergents, etc. It works effectively even at their extremely small concentrations, which other technical means cannot handle. In modern buildings, where the windows are equipped with special filters that do not transmit the ultraviolet component of daylight, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning function of the created photocatalytic surface by illuminating it with UVA radiation from an artificial source.

Wherever functional FN® coatings are installed in interiors, and ultraviolet light falls on the surface created by them, the risk of disease transmission is reduced. Tests from health care institutions have shown that the activated FN® surface effectively prevents microorganisms from settling and growing on it. Minimizing the amount of microorganisms on surfaces painted with FN® means an overall reduction in the concentration of microorganisms in the room and thus a reduction in the risk of disease transmission.