Certifiied Partners

Our patented and certified FN NANO®  have built a strong market position. We currently have millions of mof treated areas and more than a decades of application experience. Our certified partners, who have put our FN NANO® coatings into practice, have made a significant contribution to this .

We develop, manufacture and strive to promote our FN NANO® functional coatings to all possible areas where they can be applied to a healthy and clean environment. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and looking for other reliable and honest companies that add this unique added value of protection, cleanliness and long-term health to their business.

We provide a long-term guarantee for functionality and efficiency

Our certified companies have experts amongst their core staff who have passed certified FN NANO® coatings training and guarantee customers the correct application of FN NANO® technology and its functionality.

Nano4people sro

Nano4people sro  is an innovative company engaged in the development, optimization and implementation of specific applications of special multifunctional photocatalytic antibacterial coatings that can clean the air with the help of light.

Diamond Facility Services ®

Diamond Facility Services ® – Ing. Jan Hrdlička is involved in the maintenance, administration and servicing of real estate, as well as emergency services and non-stop servicing of real estate and premises, renovation of premises and surfaces, cleaning of premises, cleaning of floors and floors, cleaning services and regular cleaning of premises and property services and VIP service.

Fasádní Servis®

Facade Service ®  is an implementation company that provides comprehensive facade maintenance – cleaning, washing, inspections and expert opinions, refurbishment, renovation, high pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, dry ice cleaning, blasting, sandblasting, repairs, coatings, graffiti cleaning, anti-graffiti protection, impregnation, self-cleaning protection, installation of protective systems against birds and work at heights. The company is part of the Diamond Facility Services ® group.

Správa řemesel s.r.o.

The company was founded in 2012 as a successor of the supplying company, which has been in the field of construction and reconstruction for 20 years. It is a modern and dynamically developing company engaged in building activities of all kinds. It offers a wide range of craft work. Performs all masonry work, repairs and reconstructions of all types of buildings, facade insulation, plasterboard construction and partition walls, painting and painting, laying paving, fencing, masonry and tile work. They are able to provide electrical, heating, high-rise, plumbing, locksmithing, roofing and carpentry work, total cleaning of houses and buildings and inspection inspections of gas boilers. They also newly provide craftsmanship in real estate.

NANO Detox, s.r.o

NANO Detox, sro – a dynamic company that co-creates the world of nanotechnologies; a world in which clean air and water will once again be in its normal state.

NanoTrade s.r.o.

NanoTrade is one of the oldest Czech companies in nanotechnology, founded in Olomouc in 2004. It closely cooperates with research institutes and universities in the Czech Republic, Europe and overseas. It implements its own applied research in the development of new materials, technologies, processes and end products at all levels for many applications.

Čeští malíř

Painting and varnishing company Eduard Číž, which operates under the trademark Čeští-malíř It has been operating on the market since 1996 and the services offered cover all the needs of customers, from standard painting and painting work, through consultancy in the field of color solutions and its subsequent execution to stucco and decorator work.

NanoKrok – Ján Krokvička

The accredited company holds an application certificate for patented self-cleaning FN® functional coatings for interior and exterior. It brings new technologies and products to make your everyday life easier.

NanoSpace s.r.o.

Online store with nanotechnology products for a healthy environment.

Barvy Laky Omítky – U Lípy

“Paints, Varnishes & Plasters “- in Lípy is a shop with paints for wood, metal and other substrates. Offer painting and masonry tools, including a wide range of paint colors, facade paints and plasters.

Our FN NANO® functional coatings  really work – proven by ten years of experience. We already have millions of square meters of treated area.