Restaurants, Dining rooms, Bars and Kitchens


FN ® nanotechnology helps to create a more pleasant and healthier environment in restaurants, canteens and bars

The photocatalytic functional coating FN NANO ® with the help of light actively removes odors and grease from restaurants, canteens, bars and kitchens . Effective prevention of stumps. Active hygienic surfaces, thanks to the functional FN NANO ® coating, provide long-term permanent protection against the deposition of microorganisms and their overgrowth.

FN NANO ® also eliminates the so-called “greasy dirt” – a flat air purifier is created, which still actively acts on the surface of machines and walls and actively destroys the air in rooms from a wide range of harmful substances, allergens, odors and greasy micro-drips. In restaurant and catering facilities, multifunctional coatings FN NANO ®  can be used both in areas for guests and diners, as well as in kitchens and warehouses. FN NANO ®  placed on ceilings and walls provides coatings both as an air purifier and as a barrier against the growth of mold and yeast.

Functional coatings FN NANO ® will provide a more pleasant environment for your guests and staff and will help increase the hygienic standards of your operation.

Eliminates cigarette odors

Functional FN NANO ® coating applied both in the kitchen and in areas where food is served can effectively reduce not only odors from the kitchen, but also cigarette smoke where it is smoked. In rooms where smoking is necessary to effectively eliminate the smell of cigarettes, it is necessary to apply FN NANO ®  not only to the ceiling but also to the walls and ensure more intense lighting with a source of artificial UVA radiation (1 – 2 W UVA per 1m 2 FN NANO ® area). This creates a trouble-free, maintenance-free and completely quiet air purifier.

In addition, walls treated with FN NANO ®  functional paint and illuminated with UVA light settle far less dirt and stay clean longer.

Restaurants and dining rooms without odors and mold

  • Eliminates odors, fungal spores, allergens
  • Certified product for use in food industry
  • It works as a quiet, maintenance-free, economical and highly efficient air purifier
  • Eliminates odors and fumes from the kitchen
  • Prevention of bacteria and fungi
  • 5-year guarantee of effectiveness