Covid-19 Coronavirus Protection

Highly effective nanotechnology for protection against the spread of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus infection and all other airborne viral and bacterial infections.

By coating the walls and ceiling of your room with functional FN NANO® coatings, you will create a highly effective protection on their surface against the deposition of pathogenic germs (viruses and bacteria), including COVID-19 coronavirus. The created coating layer (also called FN NANO® technology ) thanks to its microstructure effectively captures airborne viruses and bacteria on its surface and eliminates them very effectively . This also cleans the air in the room. In this way, the protection of people in the room against the transmission of viral and bacterial infections, including COVID-19 , can be effectively  increased for the long-term.


Visualization: The coating layer catches viruses and other germs well. COVID-19 virus trapped in the structure of the FN NANO® coating.


All functional FN NANO® coatings that we supply to the market show an extremely strong antimicrobial effect based on the use of the physical phenomenon of photocatalysis. For permanent protection against the spread of dangerous viral and bacterial infections, we have developed a special product – functional coating FN NANO®1 Bio M ax , which combines the antimicrobial action of an inorganic coating based on the physical effect of photocatalysis with the chemical disinfecting effect of registered biocides. In this way, a devastating double (chemical and physical) blow is carried out against pathogenic germs, which are trapped on the FN NANO® coating, which is reliably, permanently and long-term eliminated.

The chemical biocidal function of the coating effectively kills viruses and bacteria, whether light falls on it or not.

The antimicrobial function based on the use of the physical phenomenon of photocatalysis is triggered with high efficiency whenever the ultraviolet component of daylight falls on the coating. In the interior, activation UV-A lights are used for this. This will increase the overall antiviral and antibacterial effect to a level not achievable by other means.

An artificial source of UV-A radiation (recommended wavelength: 365nm) must be used to activate the physical antimicrobial function. To use an artificial UV-A radiation source, you will find information under the ” Hints and instructions ” tab in the “How to illuminate the FN NANO® surface” section. In case of your further interest, we will be happy to provide expert advice and supply verified light sources).


Ostatní funkční nátěry FN NANO® , FN®1FN®2,FN®3,FN®TransparentFN NANO®  Wood)

show an extremely strong physical photocatalytic antimicrobial function. They provide this function under the condition that a sufficient amount of soft (min. 20µW / cm2) ultraviolet radiation falls on the formed coating layer (outdoors with daylight, indoors with an artificial source). Functional coatings FN®2 and FN®3 have the highest photocatalytic efficiency in air purification. Therefore, we recommend their use in interiors wherever we want to ensure not only antimicrobial protection, but also air purification from harmful substances and odors.

High efficiency and long-term functionality.


Tests of the State Health Institute on a model virus (bacteriophage FX 174 E.Coli.) Show that the physical antimicrobial mechanism of photocatalysis – achieves a reduction in the concentration of the microorganism by 4-5 logs. orders of magnitude 1 to 6 hours when exposed to UV-A light (FN NANO® 2), which ensures the effectiveness of action against viruses.

FN®1 BioMax : The combination of physical and chemical antimicrobial action significantly expands the bactericidal activity against viral and bacterial infections!

Functional coatings FN NANO® meet all legislative, technical and hygienic requirements of the Czech Republic and the EU and other demanding markets. Their antimicrobial and other functions specified by the manufacturer are verified by independent testing of state and research institutions (see the “DOCUMENTS” section of this website).

FN NANO® functional coatings are certified for the effectiveness of their physical-photocatalytic functions . Certificates are issued on the basis of an objective assessment of the properties and photocatalytic performance of the certified product by independent professional evaluators and accredited institutions. Efficiency is assessed on the basis of valid international ISO standards.

For users of photocatalytic products, certification is an essential indicator of the credibility of information on their practical applicability.

Avoid using non-certified products.

Video-instruction: How to proceed correctly when applying a functional FN paint with a paint roller