FN will help you to alleviate health problems and seasonal allergies.

As if it wasn’t enough that we have a viral pandemic, the weather is unstable, but with the coming spring coming the time of flowering grass, trees and other plants, which affects many people suffering allergies. So called seasonal allergies.

Do you no longer want to sneeze at home, suffer swollen eyes, itching and other allergic symptoms?

Having pleasant, clean and healthy air at home without viruses, allergens, pollen, bacteria, unpleasant odors, molds and toxins is really possible nowadays.

Just paint your home with our FN® photocatalytic functional coating, illuminate it with UVA light if necessary, and make your home cleaner and healthier.

Unlike conventional cleaning technologies, such as air purifiers or heat recovery units, nano coatings do not have any maintenance, intervening operation or space requirements. They take up no extra space, are absolutely silent, have no need to change filters and produce no waste. It is a completely organic product without the use of chemistry.

 This technology comes from the laboratory of Czech scientist Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. and is patented worldwide. The effectiveness of FN® nano-coatings and the safety aspect are confirmed by many independent expert tests and studies, they also received a vast array of certificates and thus comply with the requirements of valid Czech – and European – legislation. 

And it comes with a 10 year functional guarantee. The only way for the coating to stop functioning, it would have to be mechanically removed or covered: otherwise its function is virtually unlimited.









It is a completely ecological, certified and non-toxic coating technology, without the use of chemicals, and indeed friendly to people and pets as well as being proven over ten years of experience.

At present, we spend most of our time in our homes because of this terrible viral pandemic, and it is at home that we can significantly influence the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones.

So be one step ahead of this period and take precautionary measures that will not only pay off, but will last for long and long years. It will help you to alleviate your allergic reactions and create a pleasant environment in your home where you will feel much better.









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