The annual press conference aroused the interest of journalists

The annual press conference aroused the interest of journalists

Annual press conference of our parent company Advanced Materials-JTJ, s.r.o. took place in the beautiful premises of the Le Palais Art Hotel Prague and its themes attracted many journalists interested in innovation and modern technology.

The theme of the conference was:

FN-NANO® technology for a healthy environment and against climate change

Clean Buildings, Healthier Air and Safer Climate in Cities

Contact points:

  • We have demonstrated the universal use of FN NANO® technology as a measure for urban cooling (to combat the Urban Heat Island Effect) and air purification
  • We are part of the Innovation Strategy of the Government of the Czech Republic 2019-2030
  • We have obtained ISO / CSAF air purification certificates
  • We are in the finals of the European Business Awards in the category of INNOVATION (out of 120,000 competing EU companies)
  • HE3DA technology for the first time in the final of NASA iTech competition
  • GIGAFACTORY completion utilizing HE3DA technology in the Czech Republic

More information can be found here:AMJTJ 1 ANNUAL MEETING PRESS RELEASE14.11.2019

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